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Obsession with Sherlock still has not receded. So I'd like to rec you some of my favorite things in the fandom so far, either John/Sherlock or preslash/bromance:

Monster, by moony: Sherlock appears to go bad, and John is the only person who can solve his riddles in time to save London. Intense, plotty, and satisfying. 18,726 words.

Shift, by messageredacted: Plotty casefic that turns into something else by the end, something keenly perceptive about Sherlock. I think his characterization here is one of the closest to Sherlock as I understand him. 10,351 words.

Undercurrents, by entangled_now: "There, that's it, perfect, shut your eyes and don't move - and don't speak." Crime scene fetish? It's a little disturbing that this is so hot. 3,000 words.

And an adorable and well-drawn piece of fanart of Sherlock and John kissing in their winter coats.

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I -- did not even know you were in this fandom! (Will we be seeing art from you?)

Undercurrents hits buttons I didn't even know I had, unf. Have you read The Death and Resurrection of the English Language? Because it is quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever read.

Haha, if I ever catch a free moment! I really want to, because BC's cheekbones are so sharp and he's one of my favorite kinds of faces, but I've been so slammed with work I barely manage one personal drawing a month. *sigh*

And, yes! I love wordstrings. <3

HNNNNGGG Sherlock obsession has grown to frankly embarrassing proportions. Will I be able to go a day without thinking about Sherlock ever again? It is uncertain.


Oh man, moony is totally awesome and I'm sad that she no longer lives in my state.

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