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The Memoirs of Mina de Malfois
I figure others have their own visualizations of Mina and mine probably doesn't look like anyone else's, so this might be weird for people. mina_de_malfois said she's a slightly plump blonde, and I'm thinking she's probably not rich enough to indulge her aristocratic tendencies except in a MMORPG paid for by someone else, but how much of her online persona transfers to her offline appearance I don't know.

Oh, also, if you aren't reading mina_de_malfois, you're missing out.

(I'm rooting for Mina/Arc!)

I love it! One thing I adore about your pictures is how much you always manage to fit into the frame; the hair, the Sanguinity, the LotR books, etc. It reminds me of some kind of Renaissance painting, a central figure surrounded by all the tools of her trade.

Thank you! I was hoping that even if it wasn't exactly how people had imagined things in the Mina de Malfois world, it would be kind of recognizable all put together, so I'm glad it worked for you! <3 <3

hee! this is brilliant. as is the mina journal. the only thing missing is, like, the pictures of princec or something. *g*

I was considering having a collection of PrinceC's various con photos on the wall but then I forgot! But I'm glad you like it, yay! <3 <3

Her face is so wonderfu- great job on this picture. Im very fond of your work. If I get rich some day, I'm going to comission you to do murals or something.

Aww, you're the best! <3 <3

So, actually, I think my favourite bit of this is the "Lady" written above her "Mina" nametag. Just-- how it's handwritten and a bit smudged; that little detail is so cool.
Other than that, I'm crazy jealous of the way the flat coloring works for you-- your lineart's always so perfect, and the colors you use remind me simultaneously of stained class, Mucha, and WWII propaganda posters.
I mean to tell you this every time you post a drawing, but I always chicken out or something. Um, I'm gonna go back to lurking for a billion more years now.

You have no idea how happy it makes me that you noticed the smudgy "lady"! Half of these things I put in as little jokes to myself, so I'm always really delighted whenever they're noticed!

*blows kisses* Thank you for your really sweet comment!

She is absolutely *perfect*.

I really, really love your stories, so I am completely *ecstatic* that you like it!!

You stole my breath - can I have it back?!

Haha, I'm flattered! *gives back*

The room looks so cramped (like most people's rooms I've seen photos of on LJ, actually), but the details are brilliant.

The hair, the sandwich, the money and the CD. *grin* It's all there.

Even the style just works.

And Mina/Arc? I'm just going with the subtext. :D

Note the BPAL bottles next to the model ship! ;) And I'm really glad you like it!

Here via Mina's own journal. She's lovely - Mina to the life.

I was so worried she wouldn't work for anyone else, so I'm really glad you think so! Thank you!

(Here via Mina)

This is fabulous! I didn't really have a concrete mental image of her... but now I do!

Aww, yay! My mental image of Mina was tough to pin down too, so I'm really, really glad she works for you! <3 <3

oh my heavens! That is simply gorgeous!

Awww! I love the "Lady" added above her nametag.

Really nice job!

Thanks! And eeee, I'm so happy you caught that! It was a little joke to myself and I didn't think anyone else would notice. <3 <3

Could this be made into an icon?

I'd love to use for the fan comm's default icon. =)

Oh, wow, icon away! I'm really flattered! <3 <3

Yes! Absolutely brilliant. Mina/Arc all the way.

Thank you! (And Mina/Arc OTP!)

Hee! Oh, that's great.

Good on ya, mate !


Excellent work !