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BBC Sherlock fanart: Two Loves

Sherlock/London and Sherlock/John (sort of)! <3 Oh, Sherlock.


I'm so excited to be in a fandom with you! I've been busy-busy-busy (with a graphic novel and New Yorker illustrations every month!!!) but when I saw you posting Sherlock fic, I was like, "She has a SMALL CHILD and she's still doing it, so why can't I manage that?" <3

Oh, I especially love how you drew the fog!

Thanks so much! I've been doing nothing but ukiyo-e-style drawings for ages, so it's been rubbing off on fanart. :)

WHOAH I looked at this and was like "This reminds me of that artist who did that amazing Holmes genderbend."

And it is you! Wow, I just love your work so much. This is gorgeous I love Sherlocks hair and coat, and the Holmes genderbend is probably my favorite piece of Holmes fanart ever.

Aw, thank you!! I'm so touched you remember that and recognized my style. <3

Did you happen to do a version without the text? It's gorgeous, in any case :)

Thanks! Here's a version without words, and a little bit bigger too:

This is so gorgeous! I love the colour scheme (muted?) and the smoke and the little details. ♥

That's just lovely! Love your linework and colours!

(Deleted comment)
Aww, thank you so much! I'm really touched. <3

so cute this pic!

i loved this art! =)

Wow - you have an amazing style! I love this.

Oh my gosh!! This is a little weird but--you were on Sleeps With Coyotes' mailing list, way back in the day? Do you happen to remember the My Little Ponies of the Apocalypse? I drew that--what, years and years ago? Anyways, it is so cool to see you again in this fandom!! Hi!

Ooooh, I love the colours! This is beautiful. :)

I am not sure if the fog is streaming out and turning into clouds (most probable) or if the little tendrils are reaching for Sherlock (most fanciful). Or a little of both! It's all fine. :D

When you do curly/swirly things it is ♥___♥

PS That is the best of John's shirts and the little cloth wrinkles are ace.

<3 <3 <3

My bestie is obsessed with John's fashion, haha. I like the stripy jumper but she's like, "THE JACKET WITH THE LEATHER PATCH ON THE SHOULDER" and "I SAW A GUY ON THE BUS WHO WAS WEARING JOHN WATSON CLOTHES. I WANTED TO MAKE OUT WITH HIM."

So gorgeous!!!

The smoke is amazing.


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